Dear listeners,

As some of you already have heard in the broadcast 1.1.2013 shortly after midnight, RBH has ended its activity. The reasons are as follows:

Recently, some of your "colleagues" remembered their past activities, and as the listeners they are have decided take a part on broadcast of RBH their own way.
Outcome of these efforts were denunciation activities to Czech Telecommunication Authority.

Based on the fact, that reports were sent officially to Czech Telecommunication Authority, its officials had no way to drop these reports and they were subsequently forced to concentrate their activities to RBH much more actively than ever before.

Who knows propagation of short waves knows, that the appropriate choice of frequency, type of antenna and the surrounding terrain makes direction finding of radio station very complicated. For this reason, RBH has never been caught. We consider the fact that Czech Telecommunication Authority officials are people too and many of them are radio hams. They have very different ideas about how to spend New Year's Eve than driving direction finding van over Czech countryside highlands in bad weather and searching of pirate radio.

Another reason is that RBH has its followers in czech radio waves environment. We are hereby giving the opportunity for other to show what they can.

The last reason is that is that we stop in the best ... During past 8 years of radio pirating we reached almost perfection.

PS: This site does not stop here, I am going to work on them. You will find here information about radio broadcasting on shortwave in amateur conditions.